A new gathering of worship at FBC Burlington focused on community

We believe in God, the creator of all things, who sent His son Jesus to die for our sins.  Jesus died on the cross, rose to life on the 3rd day, and ascended to heaven.  God is still among us, the Holy Spirit is always with us.

We love people, all people. We believe in helping the poor, being a voice for the voiceless, and an advocate for those for feel ‘lesser-than’.

Worship is a time we can gather, learn about God and glorify Him.  Worship is completely about God, we are the actors and He is the audience.

Missions is both at home and around the globe.  We are to take care of our family, our friends, our neighbors, strangers, and all people around the world.

We give our finances to support what God is doing through the local church.  We give our time and abilities because God made us with unique talents.

We believe discipleship is important for personal growth.  Learning about the Bible and God in a small group setting helps give space for conversation, questions, and coaching.

We pray because we believe God listens to us.  We are His children, and we believe he wants to hear from us.  We pray because He wants us to ask Him for help, to cry to Him in pain, and to shout to Him in joy.  

We believe Church should be a place for creativity, hope, encouragement, love, kindness, forgiveness, and community.

We believe you belong here.